SAMPLE SALE in Downtown Los Angeles

We’re so excited to announce SimplyBridal’s BIGGEST Sample Sale in Los Angeles!


Sept. 24 Thurs: 3PM-8PM

Sept. 25 Friday: 7AM-4PM

**Over 200 wedding dresses for only $80 each! Hundreds of Bridesmaids dresses all $40 each and veils for $25 each.

This is the sale you don’t want to miss!! RSVP on our Facebook page now!**

Final Sale. Cash Only. RSVP for discounted $5 parking validation.


Tips: Wear tank tops & leggings to try on dresses over your outfit.


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100 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses

From classic & traditional (Queen Elizabeth II) to dramatic & diva (Dita Von Teese), check out the amazing collection below:

100 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses

Check out the full 100 iconic wedding dresses website at Vashi.

From Huff Post


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Stylized Shoot by Inkspot Photography

Elise, from Inkspot Photography, is a Bay Area photographer with a beautiful style inspired by natural light. She brings us a gorgeous and creative photo shoot inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

201305_Inkspot Photography_001 201305_Inkspot Photography_002 201305_Inkspot Photography_003 201305_Inkspot Photography_004 201305_Inkspot Photography_007 201305_Inkspot Photography_013 201305_Inkspot Photography_016

The bride is looking gorgeous in our Savannah Gown and look at the beautiful decor and props! Nothing like a bridal tea party, Alice in Wonderland style!

201305_Inkspot Photography_017 201305_Inkspot Photography_018201305_Inkspot Photography_020 201305_Inkspot Photography_021 201305_Inkspot Photography_023 201305_Inkspot Photography_024

Photography: Inkspot Photography
Gown: Simply Bridal’s Savannah Gown 
Stylist: Mariko Giverink
Florist: Catherine’s Creations
Custom Signs: Bee Curious Designs 
Cake: Taylor Made Cakes 
Hair: Rocci Stoddard
Make Up: Heather Knowles

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9 Essentials for Wedding Dress Shopping



1. Have an idea of what you want before going to your appointment


Look for dresses and styles you love on magazines and Pinterest before you head to the store. Come prepared with your wedding binder, magazine tears or pictures on your phone. Your consultant will want to get a sense of your style and what you love.

2. Be up front about your budget


Make sure the bridal shop associates, your crew, and yourself are on the same page about your boundaries. And remember to account for alterations in your budget as it can sometimes add up to an extra $200 to $800.

3. Bring a pair of shoes


If you already picked out your shoes for your big day, perfect! If not, find a pair of shoes with roughly the same height as the ones you’ll wear so you can see where the hemline will actually hits. This is also good to know for alteration purposes!

4. Wear or bring your own undergarments


Before going to your appointment sans underwear, remember this: most bridal shops have limited types of bras for fitting, and many salons do require you to bring them. Plus, it will help you get a much better idea of how the dress will look and feel with the right undergarments.

5. Tone-down your hair and makeup


You wouldn’t want to try on your dress for your big day with a rolled-out-of-bed messy bun now would you? Do yourself up a little, but not too much to risk staining the dresses. Also, bring an extra elastic band to help get a clear view of the necklines.

6. Don’t forget about the headpiece, veils and accessories


It’s the little details that will compliment your entire look. So if you already have accessories you know you want to wear, whether that be something old, new, borrowed or even blue, bring it along!

7. Consider the venue when choosing your perfect dress


Is your wedding at a church, by the beach or at a farm? Is it during the summer or in the fall? Take the environment into consideration when choosing the style, length and fabric.

8. Bring your trusted counsel


Enlist the people whose opinion you trust. But limit your crew so you don’t feel pressured by too many opinions. And make sure they know who has the final say, which is always you, the bride!

9. Most importantly, Have fun!


Have an open mind and remember that dress shopping should be fun and exciting. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find anything you like! Anything less than 100% is a no!

In the Los Angeles Area? Come check us out!

Call 1-888-722-5034 to make your appointment today at SimplyBridal’s LA Showroom!

We have hundreds of gowns from $99 to $1299, we will find you your dream dress. Walk-ins welcome.

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Stylized Shoot By Bobbi Brinkman Photography

Bobbi, of Bobbi Brinkman Photography, is a destination wedding photographer based in Georgia. She has an eye for detail and her photography style tends to be more candid and natural in a storytelling kind of way.

Bobbi Brinkman Photography brings us a beautiful shoot that is all about elegance, with a hint of fun.

Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_003 Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_005 Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_006 Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_009 Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_012 Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_013 (1)

“She knows where to be & when to be to capture those moments that happen naturally that tell the story of your day as it unfolds.”

Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_015 Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_018 Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_019 Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_020 (1) Optimized-201305_Bobbi Brinkman Photography_021

Photography: Bobbi Brinkman Photography
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Ariel GownUrsula GownLina Gown & Ruth Gown
Veil: Sweet Georgia Veils
Location: The Village Inn and Pub, St. Simons Island GA

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Stylized Shoot by PhotoKisses

Kristina Stockton of PhotoKisses, brings a unique Brave-inspired wedding that encourages brides to think outside the box. If you are planning a Disney princess inspired wedding, without the royal stuffy pompousness, then this may be for you!

201505_PhotoKisses_176 201505_PhotoKisses_164 201505_PhotoKisses_163 201505_PhotoKisses_020 201505_PhotoKisses_040201505_PhotoKisses_070201505_PhotoKisses_103 201505_PhotoKisses_161 201505_PhotoKisses_424

Here are a few words from Kristina regarding the inspiration behind this shoot:

“I took the idea of Merida, the wild and untamed Scottish princess, and imagined her on her wedding day. She would be the type of girl who would choose a small and intimate garden wedding instead of a ballroom (or castle), eyes only for her handsome groom she picked out herself. She wouldn’t bother much with details, so a simple and elegant decor with a touch of unruliness, arrow and bear elements, and a few Scottish accents is all it takes to make this princess’ wedding dream come true.”

201505_PhotoKisses_329 201505_PhotoKisses_317 201505_PhotoKisses_308 201505_PhotoKisses_456

“Oh, and of course, big wild red hair – but that’s more of a bonus than a requirement”

Photographer: Kristina Stockton, PhotoKisses in Orlando, FL
Wedding gown: Simply Bridal’s Shelby Gown
Models: Sarah Smotherman and Cameron Comito
Hair and make up: Chris Testerman 
Cake: Sharon Haller, Cut The Cake, inc.
Floral Artist: Andie Muller, The Flower Studio 
Venue: The Garden Chateau in Winter Garden, FL
Tablecloth: Over The Top 


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Stylized Shoot By Karen D Photography

Karen, of Karen D Photography, is a Santa Barbara and Los Angeles based wedding and boudoir photographer. She is a lover of love, travel, adventure, destination weddings, empowerment, positivity, confidence, and love.

“I have an immense desire to help people build their self-esteem, as I am a true believer that people who have high self-worth are happier, and make better partners and friends. I believe people with good, healthy self-esteem are not afraid to make mistakes, because they understand mistakes are necessary for personal growth.”

201505_Karen D Photography_002 201505_Karen D Photography_008 201505_Karen D Photography_003 201505_Karen D Photography_011 201505_Karen D Photography_018

A few words from Karen regarding her type of Photography:

“Boudoir photos are an opportunity to celebrate your self and your body, and to show appreciation for it. Due to the daily images society bombards us with, many of us end up being incredibly hard on our bodies, and easily forget all the great things our body does for us. My purpose is to create a safe and fun environment. To pamper you, to celebrate your accomplishments, highlight your strengths and navigate through your weaknesses. To nix the negativity and embrace the moment, and capture you as you are in the present moment.”

201505_Karen D Photography_026 201505_Karen D Photography_022 201505_Karen D Photography_021 201505_Karen D Photography_039 201505_Karen D Photography_035

“Here’s to strength, unabashed confidence and sensuality. And to being unapologetically human.”

Photography: Karen D Photography
Veil: SimplyBridal’s One Tier 50 Floral Face Edge Veil
Headpiece: SimplyBridal’s Lace Headpiece With Teardrop Crystal
Make up: Absolutely Fabulous Glamour Studio  

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Stylized Shoot By Anne Blodgett Photography

Anne, of Anne Blodgett Photography, is a fine arts film and digital photographer located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Her passion for travel is only exceeded by her desire to capture the unique beauty of couples in love. She is a seeker of natural light, a lover of nature, and a believer in the hopelessly romantic. Anne believes all of these things help her to create timeless photographs that tell your incredible love story.

201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_014 201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_073 201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_018 201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_013201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_104

A few words from Anne regarding the inspiration for this shoot:

“This crisp romantic wedding inspiration shoot was inspired by the bold colors and organic feeling of fall. The pops of red, together with the pewter accents, feel crisp – just like a mid-October morning.”

201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_090 201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_080 201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_086 201412_Anne Blodgett Photography_087

Photographer: Anne Blodgett Photography
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Trinity Gown
Shoe Designer: Michael Kors
Prop/Furniture Rentals: Roseburg Rustic Rentals & Party Time
Ribbon: Silk and Willow
Stationery: Bella Figura
Flowers: Ponderosa and Thyme
Cake: Cabruca Chocolates
Hair & Makeup: Courtney Joy Artistry 

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Stylized Shoot By From The Hip Photo

From The Hip Photo began with two people deeply in love. Nina Barry & Danny de Zayas founded From the Hip Photo during the time they were planning their wedding. It was a joint venture specializing in wedding, event and portrait photography. The business was named in a nod to the candid, spontaneous style espoused by its photographers as well as the fresh, distinctive aesthetic of their work.

During their first full year focusing exclusively on photography, the pair photographed three dozen weddings in addition to numerous engagement and portrait sessions… and they’ve haven’t looked back since! Today, they have expanded to five full time members!

201411_From The Hip Photo_023 201411_From The Hip Photo_024 201411_From The Hip Photo_025 201411_From The Hip Photo_026 201411_From The Hip Photo_027 201411_From The Hip Photo_029 201411_From The Hip Photo_030

“People choose to work with From the Hip Photo because they value photographers whose work is distinctive and inspired while still maintaining a respect for timeless elegance.”

201411_From The Hip Photo_031 201411_From The Hip Photo_032 201411_From The Hip Photo_034

Photography: From The Hip Photo
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Ariel Gown
Venue: Stanley Marketplace
Models: Wilhemina Denver
Floral Design: Bella Calla
Accessories: Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces
Styling: Rita B Salon Denver

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Stylized Shoot by Adam Lowe Photography

Specializing in editorial, wedding and commercial photography, Adam Lowe Photography brings us a very unique, yet classic shoot.

201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_013__1431051467_92105 201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_018__1431051524_74995 201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_030__1431051676_53615 201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_036__1431051862_30856 201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_044__1431051990_93084 201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_057__1431052116_33790 (1)

Here are a few words from Adam regarding the inspiration for this shoot: “My inspiration for this shoot came from a few different places. I have always liked the gritty nature of high ISO film photography. I am a hybrid shooter (I shoot digital and film) but for this shoot I decided to shoot digital, since I had so many post ideas in my head and really film doesn’t lend itself to much post work of this nature. I was also going for a kind of classic feel with these images by using the bluish grey backdrop and classic style posing. I am not going to lie, I really like work from Emily Soto and Lara Jade and used some of their work as inspiration, as well as Renaissance era paintings, Valentino ads (fashion designer) and the boho wedding style.”

201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_098__1431052248_28756 201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_197__1431052384_41660 201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_204__1431052595_88861 201501_Adam_Lowe_Photography_208__1431052739_83834

Photographer: Photographer Adam Lowe
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Irene Gown
Models: Desiree Dahl (blonde), Garber Twins Chloe and Meghan
Venue: Strongwater/400 Rich
Photographer assistant: Claire Lowe
Styling and design: All Together Now
Styling assistant: Malori Gabrenya
Floral design: EcoFlora
Hair/Makeup:Virtue Salon, Melanie (hair) & Cayla (make-up)
Paper Goods: Spark Vites (Irene & Blake)
Jewelry: Pluma (Treffry)

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