Quiz: Are You Stressed?

Angry Bride

We normally associate stress with bad things: too many responsibilities, relationship problems, or unfortunate circumstances. But did you know that major life changes, even positive ones, can leave you feeling worried and down? I have this theory that behind every bridezilla is an overwrought woman.

Here is a quiz to test how stressed you are. Keep in mind that we’re not real doctors and use it as a quick check on you’ve been feeling and treating people around you instead of a medical diagnosis

1. Your florist bails on you weeks before your wedding.
a) You rage at the injustice of the world, call out your fiancé, call your florist, and go to town on them.
b) You crumple into a heap on the floor and sob. You might as well cancel the wedding now, it’s hopeless.
c) You rage and cry for about ten minutes and then wiping away the last of the froth/ tears, you bring out your big wedding binder and start calling other florists.

2. When your alarm goes off,
a) you’re usually already awake. In fact, you’ve been having trouble sleeping.
b) you usually hit the snooze and roll over. You hate getting out of bed.
c) you’re ready to bounce out of bed and start your day.

3. Your bridesmaids offers to give you and your fiancé a day off. They’ll put together the favors while you two go see a movie. You
a) refuse. They might ruin your favors, you don’t want to bother them, and movies are lame.
b) go to the movie, but spend most of the time worrying.
c) go to the movie and laugh at all the funny parts.

4. Your favorite foods
a) are constantly on your mind. You’re an eating machine.
b) have been less delicious lately.
c) You have a wedding to plan, but still make time to indulge every now and then.

5.Your best friend calls you because she’s upset from a fight with her boyfriend.
a) don’t see what the big deal is. They fight and make up all the time.
b) go through the motions of comforting her, but keep an eye on the clock.
c) sympathize with her situation and give her a break from her bridesmaid duties.

6. Last minute, some guests say they’re bringing friends. You’re very upset because you’ve already sent the final count to the caterer. You’re too upset to work,
a) you call your friend and rant. Talking it through usually helps.
b) you settle down for a good long cry.
c) you go through your calm-down routine. Works almost every time.

Mostly A’s: Sounds like you’re stressed. Remember to budget in some rest and relaxation into every day.

Mostly B’s: Wow, you’re seriously bummed. Take time to evaluate what’s making you feel so blue. Remember that stress in large amounts is terrible for your body and can lower your immune system, leaving your vulnerable to colds and the flu.

Mostly C’s: Stress? It rolls off you like water off a duck’s back.

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